February 2017

Date: Thursday 9th March Time: 7:00pm, Venue: Hutt International Boys School Astronomy Club Night. A short presentation and observing the night sky.

Date: Saturday 4th March Time: 7:00 pm Venue: Tawa College Come along and see the many won-derful objects, star clusters, galaxies, dying stars and nebulae around and near the Southern […]

Sad that Pluto is no longer a planet?  There is a proposal to change the definition of a planet. http://www.realclearscience.com/quick_and_clear_science/2017/02/22/proposed_planet_definition_means_solar_system_has_110_planets.html


ASTROSAT: India’s first dedicated multi-wavelength space observatory Date: Wednesday, 1st March Time: 7:30 pm Venue: Space Place (formerly Carter Observatory) March’s talk is given by Jibu Stephen. He will be […]