March Meeting

ASTROSAT: India’s first dedicated multi-wavelength space observatory

Date: Wednesday, 1st March
Time: 7:30 pm
Venue: Space Place (formerly Carter Observatory)

March’s talk is given by Jibu Stephen. He will be taking about ASTROSAT: India’s first dedicated multi-wavelength space observatory.

With the multi-wavelength astronomy mission ASTROSAT, India became the fifth nation to have an observatory in space. The five instruments on-board the satellite enable simultaneous ob-servations in optical, ultraviolet and X-ray bands. The mission aims to study high energy processes in binary star systems containing neutron stars and black holes, to estimate magnetic fields of neutron stars and to study star birth regions and high energy processes in star systems lying beyond our galaxy. Early results from the Ultra-Violet Im-aging Telescope reveal a hot compan-ion star associated with a blue strag-gler star in open cluster NGC-188.

Jibu Stephen has a Ph. D. in Physics (Condensed Matter) from Victoria University of Wellington. He worked at the Indian Institute of Astrophysics before moving to New Zealand and was part of the Ultraviolet Imaging Telescope team.