April Meeting

Date: Wednesday, 1st March
Time: 7:30 pm
Venue: Space Place (formerly Carter Observatory)

The Who, What and Why of Variable Stars & Introduction to the WAS Research Astronomy Group
Aline Homes & Roland Idaczyk

In a change to our usual format, we have not one but two speakers at out April meeting.
Roland Idaczyk will introduce the WAS Research Astronomy Group (WAS-RAG) to the wider WAS membership and encourage more members to partake in research activities. There will be a brief overview of which kind of research projects WAS-RAG members are involved in and what research activities we may want to engage in. We will also look at ways of how we can support and guide new collaborators. After Roland, Aline Homes will give a talk on variable stars. What makes stars variable and why observe them? This presentation provides a brief introduction to the main types of variable stars and how to observe them, with particular emphasis on those most suitable for amateur observers. It also discusses why, in these days of large telescopes, satellites and all-sky surveys, observations by amateurs with minimal or modest equipment are still important.
Roland Idaczyk has been fascinated by astronomy for almost fifty years, a WAS member for over ten years and holds a Master of Astronomy degree from James Cook University.
Dr. Aline Homes is a geologist and palaeobotanist with the School of Geography, Environmental and Earth Sciences, Victoria University of Wellington. She has been a member of WAS for well over ten years and has just stepped down after several years on council, including a term as president. She is a Foundation Member of Variable Stars South and is currently leader of the Semi-regulars Project. Along with others, she has published a number of articles in the VSS Newsletter.