August Monthly Meeting

When: Wednesday 2nd of August 2017 at 7:30pm
Where: Carter Observatory, Upland Rd, Kelburn, Wellington
Subject: From the Greeks to Gaia: the History and Science of High-resolution Astronomy – Warwick Kissling

Many breakthroughs in astronomy can be linked directly to our ever improving ability to image finer details or measure the positions and motions of celestial objects. This has occurred since antiquity, and in this presentation Warwick will talk about some of these breakthroughs and the technology that has enabled them to happen.

Warwick Kissling has been member of WAS since 1980. He has a PhD in Engineering Science (mathematical modelling) from Auckland University, and works for GNS Science modelling how water and heat flow underground in geo-thermal areas. His main interest in astronomy is celestial mechanics (the science of orbital motion) but is interested in anything where mathematics and computer modelling can be used – which is in fact most of astronomy!