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Wellington Astronomical Society is an incorporated society and registered charity for promoting astronomy in and around the Wellington region.

Our next regular meeting will be held on the first Wednesday in August, that is the 1st of August at Space Place/Carter Observatory.  Details of the meeting will be posted here and on our Facebook page closer to the date.


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3 weeks ago

Team Te Marama competing for the global Act in Space competition in Toulouse France leaves tomorrow to represent New Zealand! Lets give them a big good luck send off!! 🚀🚀🚀

3 weeks ago

We are cancelling the observing event at Tawa College for tonight due to the clouds. We will try again next month when hopefully the weather will be better.

3 weeks ago
Rocket Lab


Scrubbed for today Sat 23 June 2018. Let's see what happens tomorrow.

Holding at T-23 minutes while we configure a down range telemetry asset. #ItsBusinessTime

3 weeks ago
Live Stream | Rocket Lab

Update - Scrubbed for today Sat 23 June 2018. Let's see what happens tomorrow

Rocket Lab is continuing the Electron rocket test program with the launch of a second test flight, nicknamed ‘Still Testing’, from Launch Complex 1 at the Mahia Peninsula in New Zealand. Liftoff ... See more

3 weeks ago
SOFIA Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy

Calling all astronomers: We're now accepting observing proposals! From the stratosphere, we can study objects and phenomena, like the Omega Nebula, at wavelengths inaccessible to other observatories. ... See more

3 weeks ago
NASA - National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Researchers want to know if a centuries-old tool could be used in emergency navigation situations for future spacecraft. To test it out, astronauts aboard the International Space Station will verify ... See more

3 weeks ago
This Summer Solstice, Earth's Days Are Longer Than Ever

Happy Winter Solstice Day everyone!! Happening today at 10:07pm 21st June 2018 where we head back into longer days. Good article below but written from northern hemisphere perspective.

Earth hasn't always had a 24-hour day. Here's what that means for the June solstice.

3 weeks ago
Wellington Astronomical Society

Thanks to those of you who filled out the survey for Yoobee Design School students so they could gather data on designing their stargazing app.
For those interested, here's the preview they came up ... See more

Students at Youbee Design School have been tasked with creating a stargazing app designed for Wellingtonians. They are trying to gather information on what Wellington Astronomers are looking for in ... See more

3 weeks ago
Black Holes Could Actually Be Colliding Wormholes

This is new!!!

Like the gravitational waves left behind by merging black holes, detectable ripples in space-time could come from colliding wormholes.

3 weeks ago

"Missing link" black hole!

We weren't sure they even exist.

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