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Wellington Astronomical Society is an incorporated society and registered charity for promoting astronomy in and around the Wellington region.

Christmas Party 2020

When: Wednesday 3rd 2nd of December 7:30 PM – the usual time

Where: Space Place / Carter Observatory – the usual place

Come join us at out end of year festivities. Food and entertainment will be provided.

Upcoming Events

WAS Astrophotography Group / Dark Sky Observing- December

When: Saturday 12 December, 8 pm onwards.
Where: Star Field – John Whitby’s dark sky site.

Come along to this Astrophotography / Deep Sky event at a dark sky site in the Wairarapa. There will be a tour of the Night Sky for beginners with a pointer before we get onto the telescopes. There is also a lot of expertise available for anyone wanting to photograph the Night Sky.

As this is a private property, you will need to register if you want to come along by contacting us through Facebook Messenger or by emailing [email protected]. Include your email and mobile phone in the text if you are using Facebook Messenger. Directions to the site and any updates will be emailed out. Preference will be given to members of the Society first. This event is free to all WAS members. Non-members are required to pay $10 per person. (To join the Society see https://www.was.org.nz/join-us/).

The Great Jupiter – Saturn Conjunction

When: Fri 19th – Tuesday 22nd December, 9 pm –
Where: Venue to be decided.

We are going to have a spectacular Christmas Star this Christmas. On the 21 December, Jupiter and Saturn will be so close they will almost appear to be a single ‘star’ low in the west. This is called a conjunction when two planets get close visually.

We are planning a number of public observing events around this time. The dates and venue are still to be determined. These will be advertised on the WAS Facebook page a week out when we will have a better idea of what the weather is doing.

Central Star Party 2021

When: Thursday 14th – Monday 18th January 2021
Where: Tuki Tuki Camp, Hawkes Bay.

The sixth Central Star Party will be held from Thursday 14th to Monday 18th of January 2021 and will be held at the Tuki Tuki Camp site in Hawkes Bay. This is the site of many previous star parties. Central Star Party has been established to hold annual star parties in the central North Island for the benefit of the astronomical community of the North Island of New Zealand. The goal of the organisers is to provide a fun, social astronomical gathering laced with talks and activities. If you are interested in going or have any questions please contact Antony at [email protected] or on 021 253 4979. Bookings and more details are available at https://censtar.party/

Call for Volunteers

With the COVID-19 lock alert in phase 1, WAS resume our astronomy outreach activities. We have a number of these events already scheduled over the next month or so and we are expecting more requests to come in. We have a team of volunteers who help with these events but because these events are very popular we are receiving more requests than usual and our volunteers are being stretched. In particularly we are receiving many requests from schools around Matariki.

These outreach events are very popular and attract lots of appreciative comments and oooooohs and aaaaaahs. Occasionally the appreciation even extends to a cup of tea and a biscuit. For a typical event we take 2 or 3 telescopes and let people look at the moon, planets etc. Volunteers require no particular astronomy knowledge or experience with using telescopes. In fact if you wish to learn how to use a telescope this would be an ideal opportunity as you will be working alongside experienced and knowledgeable people. In addition full training of 2 to 10 minutes may be provided before we let the hordes loose. The only equipment you will need to bring is warm jacket and, recommended but optional, a thick pair of socks.

If you can help our team of volunteers at one or more of these events please let us know by emailing [email protected] or [email protected].

If you have any suggestions for things you would like to see on our website then please email the webmaster or fill out the “Contact Us” form.

Our Facebook page is at this link.