May Meeting

This month meeting will be help at the usual place and time.  That is Wednesday 2nd of May at Space Place/ Carter Observatory.

This month’s meeting will contain the following:
1. Night sky in May
2. Astronomy News
3. Main talk at 8:00 pm

Can It Fly? – Gabriela Perez


Can a spaceship breathe and evolve? Can we sail on sunlight to our nearest stellar neighbour? Are we willing to shift how we think about time, energy and cost? Are all the leading interstellar spacecraft designs doomed to become expensive earth-bound bonfires or could they actually fly?

Modern technological advancements are pushing back the boundaries previously limiting interstellar space exploration, making way for a new generation of spacecraft. Let’s turn on our infinite improbability drive and jump into the wormhole with Gabriela Perez for an exploration into the plausibility of some spacecraft designs and how we need to shift our thinking so we can travel into space and between the stars


Gabriela spends a lot of time talking to people about space. She operate the telescopes at Space Place at the Carter Observatory twice a week and is one half of a small start-up ‘Fishhook Science Studios’. Together they create alternative hands-on workshops to make science accessible and fun for adults. She is deeply interested in how to make complex ideas and theories relatable to the everyone and how to incorporate tactile learning to the way we teach the sciences. Gabriela has some formal education in astronomy and engineering but most of her learning has been outside on a dark night with a telescope chasing down globular clusters and fuzzy galaxies.