November Astrophotography / Dark Sky Observing

When: Saturday 10th November 10:30 pm

Where: Star Field – John Whitby’s dark sky site near Marlborough

This is our last Astrophotography / Deep Sky event for this year at a dark sky site in the Wairarapa. To attend and get directions to Star Field, please email Antony ([email protected]) as we need to keep track of numbers. Any updates will be posted on the WAS Facebook page closer to the time. For further details or cancellations contact Chris 021 890 222 or Antony 021 253 4979.

Note the later starting time of 10:30 pm as there is a prior activity taking place at the Star Field. Please arrive after the start time.

We are grateful to John Whitby for providing access to his Star Field site free of charge to WAS members.


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