Monthly Meeting – March 2019

When: Wednesday 6th of March at 7.30pm

Where: Space Place, Carter Observatory, 40 Salamanca Rd, Kelburn

What: The Lady’s Guide to the Galaxy – Gabriela Perez

March Meeting Logo

On the back of International Women in Science Day, and the IAU100 International Women & Girls in Astronomy Day last month, this month’s speaker will be taking a look at how notable discoveries made by female astronomers throughout history has shaped how we see (and measure) our universe. Join Gabriela Perez as she pieces together our universe as seen through the eyes of notable female astronomers. We will look at how female research has changed the way we think about space and its mysteries such dark matter, pulsars and even how the universe was formed.

Gabriela Perez is a WAS council member and has worked around telescopes for many years. She runs a small Wellington-based company named Fishhook, that is trying to revolutionise science communication and make the S.T.E.M subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) accessible to all. She is an advocate for lifelong learning (having previously been a S.T.E.M dropout in high school) and is also a podcaster and speaker.

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