March 2020 Society Meeting

When: Wednesday 4th March at 7.30 pm

Where: Space Place, Carter Observatory, 40 Salamanca Rd, Kelburn.

What: Our Place in the Universe – Antony Gomez

This month’s meeting will contain the following:

Night sky in February
Astronomy News
Main talk start at around 8:00 pm

March Meeting Poster


Our Universe is a big, big place, in fact so big that it is almost impossible for anyone to grasp how immense it really is and yet it continues to get even bigger with time. So where is our tiny blue planet located in this Universe of ours? Let’s take a picturesque journey out into Space and explore our local area of the Universe. Hopefully, we can get a sense of just how big and remarkable our Universe really is.

Antony is the President of the Wellington Astronomical Society. As a child he looked up at the stars but it wasn’t till 2000 that he had his first look through a telescope. Now he is passionate about promoting Astronomy through public outreach and education, showing others the wonders of the night sky. He has a keen interest in the physical sciences, especially in quantum physics and cosmology, which looks at the birth of the Universe and its ultimate fate.


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