Lights out: Capture the dark

When: Saturday 10 October, 8 – 10 pm

Where: Wainuiomata Recreational Park

Image of Milky Way

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Join us at this FREE event to get a close-up look at the galaxy. It’s a unique chance to explore our Southern Skies, looking for Jupiter, Saturn and the Moon through powerful optical telescopes with Wellington Astronomical Society guiding you through the journey.

Light pollution in the city washes out our view of the space, and only the brightest stars pierce the glow. Wainuiomata Recreational Area might be one of the most peaceful spots in the region, yet it has one of the busiest dark skies in the universe, making it a perfect location for stargazing and astrophotography.

We will also have professional astrophotographers on the spot to help you get started and share their tips and tricks of dark sky photography. So grab your camera and tripod if you want to learn some basics of the dark sky shooting.

Meet us at the carpark and the bus will take you to the ranger’s office for the welcoming hot drinks & biscuits.

Please bring: your camera and tripod (optional), torches/headlamps (red lenses preferred), sturdy walking shoes/boots, waterproof jacket in case of wet weather.

Event registered as part of World Space Week 2020.

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