June 2021 WAS Astrophotography Group / Dark Sky Observing

When: Saturday 10th of April from 8:30pm onwards.

Where: John Whitby’s dark sky site.

The evening will be a dark sky, two days after New Moon. There will be a tour of the Night Sky for beginners with a pointer before we get on the telescopes.

Milky Way

Register by contacting us through FaceBook Messenger or by emailing events@was.org.nz. Include your email and mobile phone in the text if you are using FaceBook Messenger. Directions to the site in the Wairarapa, and any updates, will be emailed out. See https://www.facebook.com/events/604098440983367

The event is free to members of the Society. Non-members are welcome to come along but to cover costs, non-members will be asked to contribute $10 per person to the Society. (To join the Society see https://www.was.org.nz/join-us/ )

What to bring for astrophotography:
A DSLR or mirrorless camera,
A wide angle lens (preferably),
A tripod to fix the camera to,
Warm clothes as it gets pretty cold at night.
Snacks and warm drinks if you want.

With people taking photos, keep lights to a minimum (red lights if you can) especially car headlights (use parking lights). For those just interested in Deep Sky Observing, telescopes will be provided unless you want to bring your own.

For further details or cancellations contact Antony (021 2534979) or Chris (021 890222). This event will be updated on our Facebook page in the afternoon on the day of the event if the weather forecast is not looking good.

This site is made available to members of the Wellington Astronomical Society through the generosity of John Whitby.

A suggestion from our newsletter editor as the weather is getting colder.

Hot Chocolate recipe (per person) – essential for Dark Sky observing
10 g cocoa
15 g sugar 
30 g milk powder
vanilla or chilli and salt to taste
Mix cocoa and sugar together, then add milk powder. Add 250 ml boiling water – or add cold water and microwave, stopping partway through microwaving to mix again. Add a little vanilla or a pinch of chilli and a few grains of salt.

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