July 2021 Monthly Meeting

When: Wednesday 7th July at 7:30 pm

Where: Space Place / Carter Observatory. Note the change in venue back to Space Place.
Or join us via Zoom 

What: The Moon Rush – Marçal Sanmartí

This meeting will include:
1. The Night Sky in July
2. Astronomy News
3. Main talk to start at around 8:00 pm

Image of the moon from NASA

Former US President Donald Trump set a very ambitious goal: to have Americans stepping on the Moon by 2024. Many consider that unrealistic, since the time is so short. But international competition to go back to the Moon is fierce indeed. It is not just giants like China, Russia, India, or the European Union who have plans to visit our satellite. Japan, Israel, the United Arab Emirates, Canada, the United Kingdom, Turkey and even tiny Luxemburg have plans too. But why?

Speaker Marçal Sanmartí is originally from Catalonia. He is the Research Assistant for the New Zealand International Review, and writes regularly in NZIR about Astropolitik and New Space. He is a member both of WAS and the Planetary Society, and writes occasionally for the Space Review.

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