August 2021 Monthly Meeting

When: Wednesday 4th August at 7:30 pm

Where: Space Place / Carter Observatory. Note the change in venue back to Space Place.
Or join us via Zoom

What: Space weather and radio propagation – Adam Rosner

This meeting will include:

  1. The Night Sky in July
  2. Astronomy News
  3. Main talk to start at around 8:00 pm

WAS Council member Adam Rosner will explain how the sun affects propagation of radio waves on Earth, starting with a bit of theory about what radio waves are, how they work, and how they interact with various parts of the atmosphere. Then he will discuss how the sun affects the atmosphere’s characteristics, including the effects of the sunspot cycle. This will include the effects of solar flares and how they can disrupt satellites as well as power grids and other terrestrial infrastructure.

Adam Rosner has been fiddling around with amateur and shortwave radio since he was a teenager, and he’s keen to share what he knows with WAS members.