September Monthly Meeting

When: Wednesday 1st September at 7:30 pm

Where: Owing to the COVID-19 lock down this meeting will be via Zoom only.

Meeting ID: 937 2954 9795
Passcode: 111222

What: Space Activities at the Robinson Institute – Professor Nick Long

This meeting will include:

  1. The Night Sky in July
  2. Astronomy News
  3. Main talk to start at around 8:00 pm
An artist’s impression of magnetoshell braking (Kirtley, 2014)

The Robinson Research Institute develops electromagnetic and materials technologies and has a strong international reputation for superconductivity research. Professor Nick Long, the Institute’s Director, will be our main speaker on 1 September.

A recent focus of the Robinson has become the development of superconductor systems for space applications. High magnetic fields, derived from superconductor coils, are useful for increasing the thrust from electric propulsion, shielding solar radiation, and manipulating plasmas for heat shielding and braking. Nick will discuss some of the theory behind these applications and the problems of implementing them in the space environment.

‘Some ideas of how superconductors can be used in space technology are pretty wacky but we have no shortage of partners willing to give these a try,’ Nick says.

Professor Nick Long’s primary research is in high temperature superconductivity (HTS). He was a founder of the programme at the Institute to develop HTS Roebel cables, including the development of the manufacturing and characterisation processes. His current interests include the application of HTS to space technology.

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