Contact Information


Council Members

The following members were elected to Council at the Nov 2019 AGM

President: Antony Gomez
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 021-253-4979)

Vice President: Andrew Fuller
Email: [email protected]

Secretary: Matt Boucher
Email: [email protected]

Treasurer: Duncan Hall
Email: [email protected]

Membership Secretary & Newsletter Editor: Shazia Gaz
Email: [email protected]
Email: [email protected]

Website: John Homes & Peter Woods
Email: [email protected]

Telescope custodian: Chris Monigatti

Council Members

  • Chris Monigatti
  • Gaby Perez
  • Murray Forbes
  • Roland Idaczyk
  • Isabella Eftimov
  • Matt Boucher
  • Margaret Keane
  • Grace Esterman

Postal Address:
Wellington Astronomical Society,
PO Box 3181,
Wellington 6140,
New Zealand

If you want to pay your subs using Direct Deposit or Internet Banking: please use acct no 03-0502-0508656-00. Remember to use your name or phone number as reference with your direct deposit, so WAS knows who’s paid. And of course we are happy to accept money by post or at the monthly meeting.